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AZERO.ID Domain-Card NFTs

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No more wallet addresses

Create a unique on-chain identity with AZERO.ID

Unified Web3 identity

Start your crypto journey with a domain and utilize your new on-chain identity for endless use cases.

Unified Web3 identity

Privacy-preserving domains

The first-ever on-chain domain service that keeps your wallets and transactions private. Powered by Aleph Zero's unique privacy framework.

On our roadmap

Modular metadata

Attach social handles, credentials, wallet addresses, and zk-attestations to your domain.

Personalized website

One link to share all your social profiles, showcase NFTs, and more. Comes with each domain.

Trustless subdomains

Issue subdomains & explore limitless opportunities to manage your community, employees, or NFT collection.

On our roadmap

Fully user-owned NFTs

All domains are represented as NFTs on the blockchain with full user custody. The protocol itself is aiming towards complete decentralization.

Fully user-owned NFTs

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Bid on exclusive domain names to set yourself apart in the digital world. Available soon as part of our native domain marketplace.

For trading domains right from the beginning, we officially partnered with ArtZero.


Use Cases

One identity for everything you can imagine

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Make private payments

Send tokens from domain-to-domain while keeping your address private. Utilize your identity without exposing the assets you hold or the actions you take.

Make private payments
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The future of domains on Substrate is starting on Aleph Zero

From privacy-preserving domains powered by Liminal, to the universal domain system for the whole Dotsama ecosystem via XCM.

AZERO.ID Ecosystem with Aleph Zero, Polkadot, Kusama, and other parachains


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Become a part of our ecosystem

Join us in building the future of on-chain identity.

Integration Library

Resolve domains in your own wallet or dApp. Get your integration ready in under 10 minutes.


Find everything from a user guide to our protocol architecture in our comprehensive documentation.


Frequently asked questions

Haven't found the answer to your question? Take a look into our docs or join one of our community channels.



Hackathon winner at ETHWarsaw 2022


100k+ registrations on the testnet


Accepted to the Aleph Zero EFP


Launch on the Aleph Zero mainnet


Expansion to the Dotsama ecosystem


Native domain marketplace


Private domain-to-domain transfers


Community governance

Join our community and shape the future of domains & identity.

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AZERO.ID has committed itself to support the decentralization of the Aleph Zero Network.

With our partner Swiss Staking AG, we provide a validator node with industrial-grade security & lowest-possible fees.

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